Short Movie: The Bright Future of 2040

What would happen if the current pandemic continued until 2040? Hore Besok Libur Films together with UMN Film Program and UMN Pictures presented a short film titled “Bright Future 2040”. The film was directed by Winner Wijaya and funded by the Ministry of Communication and Information (KOMINFO), in an effort to provide awareness to the public of the dangers of COVID-19. “Bright Future 2040” describes the situation that occurred to a teenage girl named Jo who was born and raised in a pandemic period.

Unlike other short films that elevate the current situation in pandemic times, “Bright Future 2040” takes the perspective of the experience of a family that goes through the pandemic period until 2040. Jo’s father and mother share their experiences of the world situation before the pandemic, as well as the various plans of Jo’s family that will be carried out if the pandemic is over. Delivering a deep moral message regarding the current pandemic conditions, this short film titled “Bright Future 2040” is very appropriate to be witnessed by various generations who are struggling through the current pandemic period, especially the younger generation.

“Bright Future 2040” has won and been nominated in several national and international film competitions, such as:

Winner – National Jury Competition Minikino Film Week 7

  • Nominated for Film Pendek Fiksi Terpilih – Piala Maya 2020
  • Nominated for Best Fiction Short – UCIFEST 12
  • Finalist – Sundance Asia Film Festival 2021

Here’s the official trailer for “Bright Future 2040”:


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By Chevellia Aurelle | Multimedia Digital Nusantara