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Foundation Year





What Is Foundation Year?

Welcome new students of VCD UMN!

Foundation Year is a particular program for new students of the Film study program to help and assist new students in facing the challenges they face during their studies. Foundation Year serves to introduce and prepare new students in choosing specializations, both academically and non-academically. Attaching information about several student services provided by UMN so students can quickly contact the available services as needed.

Matheus Prayogo
Coordinator of Foundation Year
Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

About Foundation Year

1st Semester

In this first semester, students are introduced to the basics of motion picture art and general skills related to film and animation, both manually and digitally, such as the ability to draw, use design software, and use a camera. This semester focuses on exploring the creative process on an individual basis.

2nd Semester

In the second semester, equipped with the knowledge gained from the previous semester, students will study the process of making films and animation more specifically in terms of story, audio, and visual development. Students began to be trained to work together in teams to produce a simple moving image product. Based on the knowledge and experience gained in semesters 1 and 2, students are expected to be more stable and ready to determine and carry out their specialization in semester 3.

Academic Advisors

An Academic Advisor is a lecturer accountable for guiding Foundation Year students in their academic and administrative. One (1) Academic Advisor will guide each Foundation class. The students are required to attend Academic Guidance at least thrice (3) in one semester (before Course Selection Enrollment, before the mid-term exam, and before the final exam) with their Academic Advisor. Content of your matters (problem, complaints, and suggestions) should be focused on while attending the Academic Guidance, such as:

Your academic condition including:

  • class learning progress
  • attendance
  • tasks
  • quizzes
  • exams

The academic service’s condition, such as:

  • administration
  • student service
  • facilities
  • infrastructure

The student’s activities condition, such as:

  • student’s associations
  • student activities unit
  • social activities
  • events

Your talent and interest, which will be related to your choice of major in the 3rd semester

Other conditions that bother your concentration and your educational process in Film UMN.

Majors Selection


Produce graduates who can make fiction films, serial films, documentaries, company profile videos, television commercials, web series, film reviewers, film critics, curators, film industry practitioners, entrepreneurs, and so on.

Career Oportunities:

  • Film Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Director of Photography
  • Art Director
  • Production Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Film Editor
  • Film Producer
  • Film Critic
  • Film Researcher
  • Film Festival Organizer
  • Videographer


Produce graduates who can make short animated films, series, motion graphics, educational advertisements, documentaries, web series, cinematic games, animation industry practitioners, entrepreneurs, and so on.

Career Oportunities:

  • Animators (2D and 3D)
  • Animation Character & Environmental Designer
  • Game Character & Animation Designer
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Animation Director
  • Concept Artist
  • Comic Artist
  • Visual Development Artist / Illustrator
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Visual Effects Director
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Visual Effects Artist

Major Selection Process

Each student’s choice entirely determines the Major Selection Process in the Film Study Program. The Film Study Program provides supporting tools in the form of a series of socialization activities, sharing, workshops, and consultations with the following details:


Semester 1:

  • Introduction to Film Study Program (general presentation of lectures and introduction of lecturers)
  • Foundation Year socialization (advanced presentation of lecture rules, overview of semesters 1 & 2, introduction to ORION)
  • Specialization Socialization (specific exposure to film and animation specialization from the specialization coordinator lecturer regarding subjects, assignments, achievements, and career prospects after graduation)
  • Film and Animation Workshop (1-day workshop where students can experience hands-on work in animation and film)
  • Consultation with homeroom lecturers based on interests, portfolio, and academic performance


Semester 2:

  • Film and Animation Alumni Sharing (related to college and work experience)
  • Consultation with homeroom lecturers based on interests, portfolio, and academic performance
  • Filling in the Specialization Choice Form
  • Collection of Interests Choice Forms


Orion Gen 1 Manager

Position Name
Advisor Dominika Anggraeni Purwaningsih, S.Sn., M.Anim. (dosen Koordinator Foundation Year Prodi Film 2020-2022)
Matheus Prayogo (dosen Koordinator Foundation Year Prodi Film 2022)
Chairman Elvina Kurniawan
Vice-Chairman Michael Rainheart
Secretary Anastasia Clarissa
Vice Secretary Fatha Zakiya
Treasurer Anastasia Clarabelle
Research Division Jonathan Christopher
George Rehuel Kombong
Syifa Talitha Firdausi
Creative Division Kris Albert
Maria Gisabel
Michael Flavio
Tiara Gabriella Irawan
Documentation Division Christian Bryan
Sindy Aprilia
Event Division Amanda Rachma
Jeanne Elizabeth
Nasya Hikari
Jesslyn Felicia


Class Homeroom Lecturer ORION
A Zulhiczar Arie Tinarbuko Anastasia Clarabelle (Animasi 2020)
Michael Rainheart (Film 2019)
B Christine Mersiana Lukmanto Jeanne Elizabeth (Animasi 2019)
Amanda Rachma (Film 2019)
C Natalia Depita Fatha Zakiya (Animasi 2019)
Anastasia Clarissa (Film 2019)
D Salima Hakim Christian Bryan (Animasi 2019)
Sindy Aprilia (Film 2020)
E Frans Sahala Moshes Rinto Tiara Gabriella (Animasi 2019)
Jesslyn Felicia (Film 2019)
F Petrus Damiami Sitepu Maria Gisabel (Animasi 2020)
Jonathan Christopher (Film 2019)
G Perdana Kartawiyudha Syifa Talitha (Animasi 2020)
Kris Albert (Film 2019)
H Bisma Fabio Santabudi Nasya Hikari (Animasi 2019)
Elvina Kurniawan (Film 2019)
I Setianingsih Purnomo George Rehuel (Animasi 2019)
Michael Flavio (Film 2019)




Foundation Year Socialization & Introduction to ORION


Nongrion (Nongkrong Bareng Orion)



Foundation Year Socialization & Introduction to ORION


Nongrion (Nongkrong Bareng Orion)